12 Things To Know To Succeed In Startups

Future Startup Now — it’s a wrap on the first cohort but there’s more to come 😎

Here’s a question for all you tech folks.

If you had to make a list of the essential things to know to break into the tech industry, what would be on that list?

1. The different industries, verticals and business models within tech.

2. How to start a startup and launch a product.

Polly Head of Community at Depop imparts her wisdom about the roles in startups 🌟

3. The typical teams you may find in a startup: roles and responsibilities.

4. The skills needed in different roles, and how they transfer to other areas.

Neef of UsTwo Adventure on venture capital and alternate methods of financing 🤑

5. Why and how startups scale.

6. Understanding customers and growth methods e.g. business development.

Andy Ayim of Backstage Capital dropped truth bombs about navigating careers in tech 💣

7. Understanding relationship management e.g. customer success.

8. Mindsets: mental frameworks to deal with an unpredictable future.

Did you know improv games are a great way to pump up energy levels? 😄

9. Ways of working: methodologies, models e.g. agile.

10. Design frameworks: principles of design e.g. human centred design.

Lucy of UsTwo teaches the Future Startup Now cohort about agile methodology 💻

11. Culture and values: what they mean, why they matter.

12. Community: the value for companies internally and externally.

Hustle Crew Mentor-Matching event to wrap up the end of the training bootcamp 🎉

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