Throwback to my first time in the San Francisco Product Hunt — AngelList offices, January 2018

Five things I’ve learned in my first year working at Product Hunt

Today marks my one year anniversary working at Product Hunt. These are five things I’ve learned that I hope will help you grow in your career.

Going from full time founder to side hustler doesn’t mean you’ve failed — in fact it could help your business

AngelList employees practising how to be an ally at work during my workshop

If you work at Product Hunt / AngelList you will meet a lot of tech celebrities 😎

First time I met Ryan IRL — this is pretty much my face in every 1:1, too

Remote work probably gets more out of independent high achievers — but don’t overdo it

As they always say on Parks & Rec — don’t forget to treat yo self

Trusting each person in your team gives you the motivation and willpower to deliver your best

Throwback to being under one roof (minus Vlado) in SF January 2018

Working for a company where inclusion is valued from the top down brings people together and gets the best out of them

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