It’s time for our Golden Kitty Awards! Select your 2018 nominees

3 min readJan 3, 2019
Time for our annual awards celebrating the community’s best loved products

January is here so it’s time for The Golden Kitty Awards, an opportunity for the community to highlight their favorite product launches of the year and the makers that made 2018 awesome.

This year marks our 4th year hosting the awards. They’re a great way to bring a global makers community together to reflect on the hard work done and throw the spotlight on exceptional projects.

That might be a stretch, but we’ll take it ;)

Past Golden Kitty Awards winners include a broad mix of makers from indie stars like Pieter Levels to tech legends like Elon Musk.

Golden Kitties stand on the desks of some of the best loved makers

Last year’s winners include Station our Product of the Year — use it to unify all your web apps into one useful interface. PetCube Bites won our WTF Product of the year — if you ever wanted to treat your pet while you’re separated, this is for you! Our Lifehack of the Year award went to Gmail Unsubscriber which gives you the power to bulk unsubscribe from newsletters without any browser add-ons.

The CATegories

This year will be our biggest Golden Kitty Awards yet with 22 categories up for grabs including 10 new ones, all listed below:

  • Product of the Year — The greatest product of all time (that launched in 2018)
  • Mobile App — Apps that fit in your pocket and make life better
  • Hardware — Amazing products and gadgets you can touch
  • Crypto — Creative and useful dapps and blockchain projects
  • Augmented Reality — AR apps that are changing the way we see and play in the world
  • Side Project — Not everything has to be a unicorn. Sometimes makers just wanna make
  • Lifehack — Productivity-boosting products that might change your life (or at least slightly more efficient)
  • Design Tool — The tools don’t make the designer, but they sure can help
  • Dev Tool — Tools to write code better, faster, stronger
  • WTF — Weird things that launched in 2018
  • Maker of the Year
  • Community Member of the Year

New category additions this year:

  • Audio and Voice — Apps you can hear and talk to
  • Diversity and Inclusion — Products helping build a more inclusive and welcoming world
  • AI and Machine Learning — Products powered by the robots!
  • Health and Fitness App — Things to help us lead a healthier life, physically and mentally
  • Smart Home — Gadgets to transform the home
  • Founder Books — Books for founders and makers, because we can all learn from others
  • Fintech — Tech is eating the financial world. Here are some of the most disruptive players to launch in 2018
  • Privacy-Focused — Apps and services that make privacy a competitive advantage
  • Made with Product Hunt API — Rad projects that use our very own Product Hunt API
  • Social Impact — Projects that help the underserved and make the world just a little bit better

Next steps:

  • Nominations open now Thursday 3rd January so you can pick your top projects for each category until Tuesday 8th January at 6pm PT .
  • We’ll review nominations and publish a list of finalists on a special voting page on Thursday 10th January.
  • On Thursday the 10th of January, voting kicks off. You’ll have until Tuesday 15th of January at 6pm PT to vote for your favorites.
  • On Thursday 17th January the 1st place winners and 2nd and 3rd place runners up for each category will be announced.

Nominate your fave projects here before Tuesday 8th January at 6pm PT.




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