My 18 month progress report at Brandwatch

  • Community partnerships have given us incredible ROI. We’ve hired key roles through People of Color in Tech, built up our employer brand partnering with Coding Black Females and BUILD Boston. Underrepresented candidates constantly mention in interviews that these partnerships drew them to our open roles. We hired 800% more Black employees in 2021 compared to 2020.
  • Sourcing jams help us diversify our pipeline, and hiring managers are making the most of them. I love when a hiring manager tells me they are unsatisfied with the diversity of candidates currently in their pool — this prompts us to set up a sourcing jam [here’s my blog about how to run one at your company].
  • The global leadership team embraced discomfort: when I arrived, navigating difficult conversations about identity was not the norm. That has changed. Now our leaders call out their lived experiences and the privileges and implicit biases inherent within them.
  • Over 70% of the global team completed intensive bias & inclusion training: we have established shared language and shared meaning of the key concepts related to belonging.
  • Changes in leadership, losing some allies. Organizational restructuring means departures are inevitable. I’ve lost dedicated allies in the C-Suite. That said, I’ve also gained new ones.
  • We’re not narrowing our gender pay gap quick enough. Our company is not unique in this struggle, and I plan to leverage more community partnerships with communities like The Stack World to help us train and retain women in our global team.
  • Diversifying senior leadership. I am the only woman of color vice president in our team and I wish that wasn’t the case. We’re challenging ourselves to invest more in recruiting underrepresented talent at the highest levels of our organization.
  • Line manager turnover. As a result of organizational restructuring, and people leaving for personal reasons, I have had five different line managers in the last year and a half which is unprecedented even for tech. It has challenged me to work more closely with every chief executive, and built strong relationships with each leader.



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VP Global Community & Belonging at Brandwatch. Author of careers book #DreamBigHustleHard Host #Techish