My 18 month progress report at Brandwatch

It’s now 19 months since I joined Brandwatch as the first ever VP of Global Community & Belonging. I was tasked with the challenge of baking inclusion best practises into every part of our business from recruitment to client relations to accessible design.

I started this job the first summer of our global pandemic, while #BlackLivesMatter was the main story trending. Now I write this reflection in a winter where things are returning to ‘normal’ in the most privileged parts of the globe, while chaos and crisis unfold in other regions.

I joined a company of about 500 employees. Following an acquisition by Cision and subsequent merger with, I’m now working with a global team numbering close to 1200. Such is the life of a leader in tech: just when you think you’re mastering your role, it seems to morph into a new one all together.



Final thoughts

Taking on a newly created role was always going to be a challenge. Personally, I sense a change in momentum in the tech ecosystem. Summer 2020, it was all about anti-racism. Even though the mainstream conversation has moved on, I’m grateful the stakeholders I work closely with are still very much engaged in creating systems change.

I’m constantly drawing on the tools of adaptive leadership that I learned in my Acumen Academy Fellowship to guide my actions in a world of competing priorities, ambitious targets, and unknowns.

I remain grateful to the individuals within the team who always lift me up, support me, and listen to me. And everyone in the wider tech community from peers to followers, who give me the energy to continue on this journey each day.

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[This post was first published on LinkedIn on 25th Feb 2022]



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