Why it’s important to be open-minded when building teams

Think of the first person who took a chance on you in your career — how many times have you done the same for someone else?

Future Startup Now is Hustle Crew’s latest project in partnership with Create Jobs and the Mayor of London

When I arrived at Groupon’s London office in the spring of 2011 for my first ever tech job interview, everything I knew about the industry I had learned from a few Google searches and watching “The Social Network” movie.

Thankfully this was not enough to deter Richard Jones — the Director of Partner Management — from hiring me into his team. I did not let the opportunity go to waste. I excelled in this entry-level role and was promoted to a team leader role within eight months. The rest is history.

I often think about what my career would be like now if Richard had rejected me. Maybe I would have tried to get another tech job somewhere else. Maybe I would have stayed in my finance job. Maybe I would have gone into another industry all together.

Source: https://technation.io/insights/report-2018/jobs-and-skills/

According to Tech Nation’s 2018 report, tech is expanding 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy, yet sourcing talent remains one of the top three challenges cited by tech firms.

Hustle Crew is teaming up with the Mayor of London and Create Jobs to help solve the talent problem. We’ve designed a unique programme, FutureStartupNow, to teach 18–24 year olds aspiring to build tech careers key skills and frameworks to help them succeed.

Expert facilitators will take them through their paces before they begin an entry-level internship with one of our employment partners. We have sessions hosted by Depop, Backstage Capital, People of Color in Tech and UsTwo.

We are actively recruiting young professionals to apply for the programme, and tech companies to support as employment partners. To apply visit https://www.createjobslondon.org/jobs/future-startup-now

To get involved as an employment partner email abadesi@hustlecrew.co



Founder & CEO Hustle Crew & Co-Host Techish Podcast

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