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  • Carolyne Mweberi

    Carolyne Mweberi

    Product Marketing Lead | B2B SaaS | CX Strategist | My real passion is introducing and scaling new products and technologies into nascent markets in Africa

  • Aza Walker Jr.

    Aza Walker Jr.

  • Jesse Atwell

    Jesse Atwell

    Music Management. Partner @ Triple 8 Management. Formerly at Sony Music and Hallmark Cards. Vegan. Read my blog at

  • AB


    lots of things

  • Paul Lorsbach

    Paul Lorsbach

  • Get Kelvin

    Get Kelvin

    A space for everyone. Discover and share your own corner of the internet. Join us at

  • chefix


    Gründer und Freigeist. ..

  • doulos jose

    doulos jose

    Strategy | Marketing | Digital — cosultant for new businesses in eCommerce | B2B. Travel blogs @ Connect @

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